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EVERYONE should come to Hong Kong’s first-ever Conscious Festival

I’m momentarily taking a break from taking a break on this blog to let y’all know about this fantastic festival I’m helping out with:

In Hong Kong during April 20-22 (Friday to Sunday)? Or, hey, not in the 852 but know people who are? Consider coming along/telling them to come to the Conscious Festival, an inclusive celebration of sustainability and ethical living which has something for everybody (your friends, your siblings, your parents, you)! Films, music, food, shopping, talks – it’s going to be rad, so let me give you some of the highlights.


  •  Event: The Conscious Festival By Green Is The New Black
  • Unconference – Friday 20 April 2018, 8.30am-5pm
  • The Festival (Marketplace) – Saturday 21 April – Sunday 22 April 2018, 11am-5pm
  • The Screenings – Saturday 21 April – Sunday 22 April 2018, 6pm-9pm
  • Venue: PMQ 元創方 (Central/Sheung Wan)

Friendly reminder: You don’t need to come to all of the days or even an entire day. Just come whenever you can! Maybe come on Sunday aka. Earth Day? xx


David Goldsmith is speaking at the Unconference. He’s working with NASA on Project Moon Hut, which is literally a project about living on the moon. Do I really need to say more?

Tickets start at $900 but you’re in luck, because everybody’s got a cousin (sorry, I mean, friend) who can hook’ em up with something – and in this case, I’m the friend who can hook you up with some FREE tickets. Hit me up ASAP if you’re interested!

The Unconference, by the way, consists of talks from innovative businesses and organisations on circularity (interconnectedness) and sustainability, like Grassroots Pantry and the Ocean Recovery Alliance. Oh, and if any of you have great ideas about some environmental innovation, there’s a networking event and I sort of want a plus one. Alternatively, every attendee is going to be hooked up to Howdy which’ll link you in to everyone’s LinkedIn. There are some hella cool people coming and you’re going to want to know them.


The Marketplace, featuring 70+ vendors (like Tinee Dino, Aanya Life, NO!W No Waste) united in their ethical policies, is open for FREE from the 21st to 22nd!


We’ve got an organic hair + nail salon! But actually, what I meant is that we’re always looking for more volunteers, so… If you volunteer with me you’ll not only get FREE ENTRY to everything, you’ll have the pleasure of my company! ❤

Sorry, okay, I didn’t realise that would be a negative. But, hey, it’ll look great on your CV! Event experience demonstrates teamwork, responsibility, organisation… And jobsDB won’t stop emailing me about one-time event positions so I’m sure it’ll come in handy. 😉


There’ll be at least 3 art displays that exemplify sustainability, like portraits of waste being used as tablecloths and becoming LIVING pieces of art (e.g. food stains, wear & tear).

More into films? Friday night is FILM NIGHT, with several short films on the ocean. Tickets start at $75 but volunteers get perks. 😉


This event was MADE for you! There are talks on zero waste, biodiversity, holistic living and of course, the FREE Marketplace which is chock full of socially responsible vendors.

Not quite an environmentalist, but curious? Well, we’ve got FOOD (& wine. So much wine) that’ll come with rented cutlery as well as a compost bin for all your leftovers. This means that at least one of your meals will be zero waste, baby! So you see, it’s super easy to make a difference.


  • We’ve got VR booths
  • We’ve got a $5 gratitude journal session
  • We’ve got a photography exhibition(s)
  • We’ve got sustainable fashion
  • We’ve got the WWF, Conservation International involved

Not convinced? Well, there have been 3 successful runs in Singapore and we’re sponsored by Green Queen, so you know it’s going to be great. 😀

It takes all kinds of people to change the world which is why this Festival is so diverse and welcoming. Seriously, though, I’m pretty sure that if you come you’ll be changing the world a little bit through #LittleGreenSteps – or at least, you’ll have fun. : )

● Website –
● FB Event Page –
● Free Entry registration page for MARKETPLACE –
● the TALKS –
● Socials – Our social pages: Facebook & Instagram @GITN Basia, Twitter, @GITNBasia and our official #’s are #LittleGreenSteps #LiveMoreConsciously

I’m just so fucking thrilled,

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I spent most of the day making some of Chocolate Covered Katie‘s AMAZING recipes (sweet potato brownies and single-serve lava cake) and figured, why not do a quick review of everything I used? It only seems appropriate, given that I’ve newly discovered JKay’s Green Stars Project and had to make a grocery trip for ingredients. So to take a look at what my self-care Valentine’s looked like, keep reading.

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This is a follow-up to my previous essay on universal veganism but should be perfectly comprehensible without having read my prior post. Additionally, I will solely be dealing with socioeconomic privilege (related: consumer power, privilege to choose)  in this post, as I am not yet prepared to speak about sociocultural factors.

If you discuss the merits of veganism, it’s likely that someone will point out that it is a privilege to be able to go vegan.

In fact, it requires privilege in several areas: time, location and money. To sustain a healthy vegan lifestyle, it is usually recommended to cook for oneself – this allows for savings (compared to a diet with animal products) in money, but takes up time. On the other hand, buying processed vegan meals saves time, but tends to be much more expensive than the meat alternative.

These privileges can be simplified to one factor – socioeconomic class. As such, vegans in privileged situations are often accused of not acknowledging their privilege or even of being classist.

While I completely accept the criticism of veganism requiring privilege as being true, I’m unconvinced by how constructive it can be. In this post, I will explore a) how this criticism can be intended, b) what this truth means for ‘the vegan position’, and c) what we can really take away from all this.

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I have a few issues with this.

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