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Celebrating Valentine’s Day (2/2)

Find part 1 of this Valentine’s review here.

The lava cake wasn’t as tasty as the brownies, probably because I was quite careless, but it was still delicious. The top was crispy but inside it was gooey and soft. The rich chocolate and velvety strawberries really melt in your mouth! Props to Chocolate Covered Katie for coming up with plant-based recipes that are on par with, if not better, than animal-based ones.

I substituted baking soda and vinegar for baking powder, which worked fine – I even discovered a weird affinity for dark chocolate and vinegar! However, I put too much oil. I also didn’t chop the strawberries fine enough, not to mention I had trouble fitting them in because they’re larger than raspberries!

Regardless, I managed to get that pretty pink colour and felt very satisfied with the heart shape.

Just look at it. Isn’t it cute?

Photo of a dollop of ice cream on my lava cake
I added a dollop of mint chocolate chip ice cream because life is too short not to

I feel like my life would be improved if I cooked at least one heart-shaped thing every day … Hmm. Food for thought!

Since I spend so ridiculously long in the kitchen, I managed to watch two rom-coms as everything was baking.

Yeah. I know.

I then proceeded to watch one and a half more, because I mean, it’s Valentine’s!

So, I’ll provide bite-sized reviews with my Green Star ones. I actually covered everything I could in my last post (whoops), so I’ll give some extra reviews here.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (3.5/5) - Steve Carell steals the show in this star-studded, lampshaded revenge story.
Photo of Wild Harvest Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup
Yep, I reused this for my strawberry sauce

Wild Harvest 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup ($105.9)

Review: 4/5 gold stars, 3.5/5 green stars


Some extra thoughts on organic products:

I think my broad policy on future purchases will be to buy whichever is cheapest unless there’s a brand that’s clearly more ethical (or if I’m buying bread). Since occasionally there are organic products that are cheaper than non-organic, I figure this will mean I still get to support organic in case I’m wrong about this. For example, today I repurchased this very maple syrup because it was the best value maple syrup!

I know it’s the lazy way out but I think technology is the way to dig ourselves out of this mess, and that includes biotechnology like GMOs. We’ve come too far to attempt to reverse the Agricultural Age, much as Yuval Noah Harari might wish. So, as humans are prone to do, we shall continue on with nothing more than good intentions and blind faith! Right? Right???

When We First Met (3.5/5) - A gorgeous and hilarious cast isn't enough to elevate this less-funny, modern-day Groundhog Day

Photo of Moccona Instant Espresso Moccona Premium Blend Espresso Instant Coffee

Review: 3/5 gold stars, 2/5 green stars (agh, I really wanted to cut down my reviews to around 2 bullet points, but my interest is too quickly piqued upon seeing a study!)


Barbie as the Princess and Pauper (4/5) - Barbie's first musical has some fantastic songs and its kitschy cuteness is just what I expect from V-day

Depotted cocoa powder in a reused vanilla extract bottle

Rayner’s Vanilla Concentrated Flavouring Essence

Review: 3.5/5 gold stars, 4/5 green stars


Enchanted (5/5) - Oodles of wholesome Disney fun, I am in love with this upbeat rom-com musical

A photo of Happy Cow Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

Happy Cow Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Review: 4.5/5 gold stars, 4/5 green stars


Whew, that’s everything for now!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my self-care Valentine’s Day, even though I’m almost a month late. That’s just how time works in Miranda land, I guess.

This will also be the last post from me for a while, I think. I’ll follow up on Facebook, but essentially, I need to focus on other things. My month-long trial of blogging is up and I’m simultaneously dealing with applying for Singapore scholarships so… hasta luego.

I’ll be back. I’m sure of it.

Be green, be good, be … gleeful?

My signature, with a green-blue-purple gradient, "Miranda"

P.S. – This is my first time using Canva for my post header. I’m a huge fan of how easy the whole system is, but the results always seem less-than-stellar and don’t save me that much time…

I feel like it’s mainly because I didn’t start off my edits with Canva, however, rather than any fault on their part. I still want to make it work; if not with this blog then somewhere else!

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