I’m Miranda, an 18-year-old student currently trialling adulthood whilst on a gap year. There are lots of labels I could put on myself, but the most pertinent are: vegan, makeup + philosophy + literature enthusiast, politically- and scientifically-minded environmentalist.

I consider myself olive-skinned with warm-neutral undertones and at a depth of ~NC25. I’m around 5’2, so I try to stick to petite sizes.

Since I live in Hong Kong, this blog will have a focus on resources available here. However, I move to Chicago next year so expect a change in late 2018!

Currently, I run an Instagram (@tgm.news), where you’ll be notified about upcoming events or brief tidbits for thought, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel. The Facebook page is more community-based; it’ll automatically post all my new content, but I’ll also post discussion prompts and possible upcoming content. The channel primarily serves as an area to host my videos as well as my less eco-centred content. Follow however many of my accounts as you see fit, and I’ll try my best to reach you all on every account!


It starts with eudaemonia and working towards leading the best life I possibly can. I’ve always idealised strong morals, to the point of stubbornly roleplaying boring ‘good’ characters in every game. This, combined with a drive for perfection has led to the all-too-vague but indescribably sincere feeling that I just want to leave the world better than I entered it, somehow.

My version of eudaemonia involves minimizing my impact on the environment and encouraging others to do the same, in an effort to help negate the damage we’ve done to this breathtaking planet. As such, I started this blog as a way to combine my love of writing and eco-friendly living.

But I’m not going to follow the example set by the Amish and renounce all modern symbols, despite the undeniable excess that, say, purchasing a new smartphone displays. Attainability is a huge consideration when it comes to what lifestyles to advocate; it’s tough enough having to defend not being the paragon of morality many expect activists to be, and one must realise the extent of change they are willing to incorporate. For example, I’m adjusting my lifestyle but not so much that I’ll give up my international education.

Thus, I want to showcase how one can lead a life that contains all the ordinary comforts whilst being self-reflective, conscientious and socially responsible. This means that I’ll be covering everything from eco-friendly and vegan beauty to political engagement to the occasional food experiment. If it sounds a bit like having your cake and eating it too, well, I do believe that might be possible!

And, to be frank, sometimes I feel adrift in life – I’m not sure why I’m still here. Not because I have an overwhelming desire not to be, but simply because I can’t quite justify existing when I don’t have anything to strive for. Helping the environment, though; now that is a meaning I can get behind.

So maybe let’s put the “why” down as an existential experiment.

No no, I meant, why “The Green Mirmaid”?

Ah, right! Well, that’s all thanks to my friends Melanie and Jeffrey, who took their love of bad wordplay, my love of fantasy creatures and my name to create the portmanteau of “mirmaid”.

This came back to me when I was thinking of a blog title, and of course, “green” encapsulates the kind of life I strive to lead.

So … What is this actually about?

A platform for me to share my thoughts on living ‘the good life’. I’ll be combining the mundane with philosophical musings and simple ways to further the causes I believe in.

What causes I support are determined by these following principles:

  1. Protecting, preserving and enriching the environment is something we should all try to do

  2. Do what you can – no more, no less

  3. Practically everyone can make a difference

You can read about my principles in more detail HERE!

Hopefully there’ll be something here for everyone, and if not, please do offer suggestions or ask me about a particular topic on which you’d like to see me write.

Thank you for paying attention to the words of, well, just a girl. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Lots of love,