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Just Desserts: be The Most Mindful & win!

As Gen (‘The Good Place’) likes to remind us, being good means you act morally just because, “not because you’re seeking moral dessert”. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be moral and have (metaphorical) dessert!

Jkaybay of the Green Stars Project is holding yet another review competition, wherein you publically review a company using the green stars system. Commenting (or emailing) with a link to your review counts as an entry, qualifying you for the chance to win a gift from WWF! Well, more accurately, Jkaybay will donate $55 to the WWF which entitles you to a gift of your choice.

So not only are you helping spread mindful consumerism by informing yourself and others of the ethical status of a product/company, you’re helping further the WWF’s cause of wildlife conservation. Plus, you know, a nifty keepsake – like this pretty infinity scarf or elegant tiger shirt. Alternatively, if you want to be extra eco-friendly you could choose not to receive a gift (so the WWF keeps the whole $55 for its efforts), or get an advance present for your best friend’s birthday!

If you’re unsure how to write a Green Stars review, I would suggest reading this guide and some example reviews. There are even more on Amazon, as well as on the blog.

Jkaybay has also written an in-depth explanation of the reasoning behind the system and blog, which is pretty enlightening. I would recommend reading it to shed light on how the green stars scale is meant to work, and why it’s important.

“It will become second nature for people to think about social-environmental issues, and to be able to do so—to fully face the reality of our world and consider the consequences of our actions as consumers—is akin to the practice of compassion, and it will change the world.” — Jkaybay

Probably the nicest red pill you could take,

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P.S. – I couldn’t resist adding some of Gen in here: (source)


3 thoughts on “Just Desserts: be The Most Mindful & win!

  1. Hey Miranda,
    I left a comment yesterday and read/liked several of your posts, but I think there was some strange Internet shenanigans afoot and it’s like several things I did yesterday never happened! (Perhaps I’m just losing my mind 😉
    In any case, I’ll summarize by saying Thank You So Much for writing this post (and for really taking the time to read about the GSP).

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    • Oh no, I’m sorry for the confusion! The strange shenanigans are my fault – the limitations of a free WP site means I can’t install plugins, so for readers with vision issues I’ve set up a high-contrast version of the blog. That means you get double pingbacks and sometimes comment on the accessible version of my blog. ^^;

      Thank *you* again for reading and commenting!

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